[Boatanchors] National HRO bits

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Tue Jan 3 17:07:31 EST 2012

At 03:37 PM 1/3/2012, Fred & Helen Archibald wrote:
>I'm restoring an HRO 5A1. It's in quite good shape but is missing 3 
>hard-to-find bits. They are: (1) the National tag from the front 
>upper right-hand corner; (2) the Noise Limiter knob; and (3) the 
>10pF temp. comp. ceramic cap sitting next to the osc tube on top of 
>the chassis.
>Would anyone have a parts unit or these parts they would be willing to sell?
>A question for any HRO gurus out there: while the case is the usual 
>black wrinkle, the PW dial is light gray, like the HRO-7. Could this 
>be original on the HRO-5A1???
>Thanks very much for any help you can give.
>Fred VE1FA

What's the spec on the 10pF?

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