[Boatanchors] 6v6 Audio output xfmr needed

George Maier george at maiergroup.com
Wed Jan 4 13:57:29 EST 2012

Hello all and Happy New Year!


Just wondering if anyone has an audio O/P xfmr that could be used to replace
an open xfmr in an NC-108 restoration project.


Basically, it's a 5K primary with a 4 Ohm secondary, and sized for about 3W
of audio. In this case, it's used with a 6V6. 

Many of the National receivers of that era used the same xfmr; NC-33, NC-57
& 57B, NC-173, etc.


If anyone has a junk box spare around, please drop me an email directly with
price & shipping info.


Thanks, 73, and best wishes for 2012.


George - W1LSB


George at Maiergroup.com 


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