[Boatanchors] A "bit" off topic - Thin Audio Output in Vintage SS Rigs

Mike Langner mlangner at swcp.com
Fri Jan 13 19:49:18 EST 2012

A quick look in a number of supplier catalogues for electrolytic capacitors
will find that they're available in a number of "years of life rated"

In my experience, the "low years" rated ones lose capacitance and build up
ESR fairly quickly. But then, if you get a new appliance every few years,
why should the manufacturer use (and you pay for) more expensive components.

Compare the weight of a 1 to 2 year rated cap versus a 5 or 10 year rated
cap.  Pretty different!

Give me a good old Sprague or Cornell-Dubilier any day (if you can find

Some of the Panasonic line are designed for and do indeed provide long life
-- and there are other long-life brands/lines as well.

This may be a part of what you're experiencing. . .


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