[Boatanchors] FS Kenwood TS-530S

Charlie Hugg k5mbx at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 25 16:55:48 EST 2012

FS Kenwood TS-530S in great cosmetic shape covers 10-160M. I just replaced
the tube finals and tube driver with brand new General Electric 6146Bs and a
new GE 12BY7A. Puts out 100 watts or more output on 80, 20, and 17 meters,
but has low drive and output power on the other bands. It needs the new
finals neutralized and some alignment. It has the standard SSB filter and
the optional narrow SSB filer(YK-88SN)installed. The Display is bright. The
VFO is very stable. Cabinet and front panel are in very good shape. Has
spent some time in a smoking environment, but not much order. I cleaned the
cabinet well. No mic included, Copy of the manual. Price is $285 plus
shipping. Many pictures available. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX

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