[Boatanchors] Swan SW- 120 (gold), National NC-190 & Gonset Communicator IV an power supp?

COURYHOUSE at aol.com COURYHOUSE at aol.com
Tue Jan 31 20:51:35 EST 2012

Swan SW- 120 (gold),  Galaxy 5, National NC-190 & Gonset  Communicator IV 
Ok  some new things for the amateur radio display need manuals  or   links 
to them.   for all except the Galaxy (have that  one!)
Now that I have a license  it  would be fun to fire  some of  them up! I 
would like to get the AC power supply for the SWAN 
swan _http://www.smecc.org/tty/amateu11.jpg_ 
weird power supply maybe for  12v operation of swan 
_http://www.smecc.org/tty/DSC06674.JPG_ (http://www.smecc.org/tty/DSC06674.JPG) 
national _http://www.smecc.org/tty/amateu12.jpg_ 
gonset _http://www.smecc.org/tty/amateu13.jpg_ 
(http://www.smecc.org/tty/DSC06674.JPG)    is this  for  12v operation of Swan??
Might be fun to RTTY with the swan?  advice?
Thanks all advice, parts, manuals or links very much appreciated
Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC  _www.smecc.org_ (http://www.smecc.org)  

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