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Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at flham.net
Mon Jul 30 18:22:27 EDT 2012

Desk Microphone, Speakers, Headphones,
Antennas, Lightning Arrestors, Low Pass TVI
Filters, ARRL Handbooks, and more For Sale:

Deluxe Desk Microphone:

This is a great looking and great performing low impedance
desk mic. It has a quality Shure 600 ohm cartridge in it
(the cartridge alone is over $40 new), with a very nice
black die case base and neck, with a chrome grill. It
looks somewhat like a Shure 444, but no plastic on this
one -- all metal!

This one has stripped and tinned ends on it, which means
any connector can easily be added.

This one looks like new, and works the same. It has a
long (approx 6 foot) cord. $70

Yaesu "Landliner" SP-101 P Speaker and Phone Patch

This is a nice speaker that has a phone patch added
to it. Its styling matches the FT-101 line, but it looks
nice with most any rig. It has a VU meter on it, as well
as controls for both transmit and receive gain.
I realize many people do not use a phone patch much any
more, but even if you do not use the phone patch portion,
you still have an excellent speaker.

This particular unit works fine, and looks extremely nice
as well. It is in its original box.

With paper work for $90.

"Double Bazooka" Broadband HF Dipole Antennas:

These antennas are sometimes called "Double Bazooka" dipoles,
but also go by other names. They are made from RG-8 coax
instead of just wire. They are fed differently, with
both halves of the coax used. The result is an antenna
that is more broad banded than a regular wire dipole,
permitting one to cover all, or most, of a ham band with
a reasonable SWR. Of course these can be put into an
inverted V configuration as well. Some say these have
gain, and some say they do not.

I have antennas for two different bands:

40 meter antenna as described above (approx 66 feet long)
with about 25 feet of RG-8 coax feedline attached, terminated
in a PL-259 connector. $50

10 meter version, about 16 feet long. No feedline on this
one, but there is a place for you to attach your own coax.

Doublet Antenna:

Doublet antenna consisting of about 110 feet of wire, with
center insulator, 2 end insulators, and 2 center supporting
insulators. This antenna is made to be fed with "open wire"
450 ohm transmission line, and used with an antenna tuner.
It should be able to tune from 80 thru 10 meters, with the
proper tuner. $20

Coaxial Lightning Arresters:

These lightning arresters are made to be inserted in to
your coaxial feedline, to help reduce lightning damage.

Cushcraft LAC-1
No markings on this to confirm the model number, but it
looks like the Cushcraft "Blitz Bug".
It has an SO-239 on one end and a PL-259 on the other end
(female UHF on one end and male on the other). $10

Communications Speakers:

All have 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) mono plugs.

Realistic 40-1280
About 4 inch cube, this wood grain speaker is rated for up
to 7 watts, and has a 8 ohm impedance. It works fine,
sounds good, and looks nice. $18

Realistic 21-549 A
This one is about 4 inches square but only about 2 inches
deep. It is rated for 5 watts, has an 8 ohm impedance, and
is listed as a 300 to 3000 Hz frequency response, making it
ideal for communications. It is black in color, looks great,
and sounds great. $18

General Electric
This speaker is about 6 by 4 inches, and about 3 inches deep.
It is black with a gimbal mount. 4 ohm impedance. $15

Cariole Headphones:

This is a nice pair of headphones of the type that
completely cover your ear. These are true monophonic
headphones, and not a pair of stereo headphones that
have been converted to mono. They have a molded mono
1/4 inch plug on them.

These work fine, and look extremely nice. $20

Heath HD-15 phone patch / digital interface:

This unit can be used to interface a sound card in a
PC to your transceiver. It was originally designed to
be used as a phone patch, but many have converted them
to a digital interface.

This is the unit with the VU meter on the left and 3 knobs
that match the SB series to the middle and right. Low or
high Z output to the transmitter. The meter makes it great
for setting levels.-This one is all original. It is in great condition.
Paper work included for $22.

I also have parts from a Heath HD-15 phone patch available.
This includes an audio transformer used for digital
interfacing, VU meter, and other parts. Outer cover and
knobs are gone. What do you need?

Linear Amp Switching Cable for Kenwood Rigs:

This cable goes from a Kenwood transceiver to a
linear amplifier to switch the amp from transmit
to receive.

One end has a DIN connector, as is used with most
Kenwood rigs. The other end has an RCA phono plug,
as used by most linear amplifiers.

Before using this cable, please check the switching
capabilities of your transceiver, and the requirements
of your amplifier.

This cable is for switching the relay. $15

Low Pass TVI Filters:

A low pass TVI filter is added to the transmitter to reduce
harmonic interference. All have SO-239 connectors, are 50
ohm filters, and include paper work.

Bencher YA-1, high power, low pass TVI filter
If you need a heavy duty filter for the output of your amplifier,
this one is ideal. It will take full legal power plus, and has at
least 80 db signal attenuation at TV channel 2. This one works
great, and is in its original box.
Bencher currently sells these for about $90. Only $60.

Bencher YA-1
As above, but not in original box. $45

Drake TV-1000-LP Low pass TVI filter
This is the filter that may also be used on the low end of six
meters, as well as HF. It is good for 1000 W "average" below
30MHz, and about 200 W up to 52 MHz. With paper work for $30.

Drake TV-1000
LP Filter as above, which functions fine electrically, but looks
ugly. With paper work. $25

B & W FL-10/1500
This filter cuts off just above 10 meters, and handles 1500
Watts. It is the latest model B&W filter.In very nice condition,
it looks close to new. $40.

Johnson 250-20 Low Pass Filter
This is a 52 ohm cylindrical low pass filter with a cut
off frequency of 45 MHz and 75 db of attenuation.
It is rated to take 1000 Watts of AM, or 5000 Watts
PEP SSB. With mounting bracket. $30

Para Dynamics PDC 1089
This filter is rated at a full Kilowatt, up to 30 MHz.
5 x 6 x 2 inch black box, instead of the more familiar long
enclosure. It looks like new. $25

ARRL Handbooks:

All of these are in the larger format.

1984 - 61st edition
It looks close to new. $15

1988 - 65th edition - Hard bound
This one is a couple inches thick.
Very close to new condition. $22

1992 - 69th edition - Hard Bound
Several inches thick with a lot of information.
This one looks like new, except for a previous
owner's call sign on the inside cover. $22

I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, etc.
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400

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