[Boatanchors] F.S. Boonton 190-A Q Meter

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Fri Jun 1 22:56:26 EDT 2012

From:    "Fred Spaulding" <k1yqp at yahoo.com>

F.S. Boonton 190-A Q Meter

Boonton 190-A Q Meter used to measure value and Q of capacitors at the
actual radio frequency of 20 to 260 MHz.

Good condition.  All knobs, dials, etc. work.  I think it still works, but
am not 100% positive; needing to move leaves me no time to verify it. 
Leather on handle is cracked and covered with vinyl tape.  Some writing on
top in faded marker.

With several photocopies of related Boonton manuals.

$15 plus shipping from Sacramento, CA.  Approx. 30 lbs in a box 16x13x13
inches.  Parcel Post should be around $35 max in lower 48 states.

email OFF LIST to:

k1yqp at yahoo.com

for more info or pix or to make arrangements.

Thanks for looking.



NOT my instrument.




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