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Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Mon Jun 4 22:25:05 EDT 2012

WW2 era Radio Training Depicted

1942 spy radios just spotted in a great TV drama from the UK  (ITV) made in 1988 
and following... 

The series of shows is called: WISH ME LUCK 

I have just watched all of Season One - and there are 8 wonderful episodes. 

This might be old news to some, but I just discovered this wonderful series available
on Netflix, "Wish Me Luck." A great little drama series - only the first series of 8 episodes is
on Netflix. They have about 3 series available elsewhere for a higher fee. Maybe Netflix has 
the rest on DVD?

It's so wonderful. Episode2 grabbed me when it depicted radio training both telegraphy AND 
radio repair classes. They have a nice collection of R107 and R1155 radio sets, and they 
actually work on a few of them too. 

In episode 3 one of the ops will send their first clandestine transmisison from France to 
England. Oh wait... am I supposed to be keeping this secret? (grin!)

Episodes 4 and 5 show a lot of radio comms and a young lady who is stringing up 
antennas in various locations, and almost gets caught by the German occupation guys.
It's a great drama with plenty of interest to radio enthusiasts. The radios look something like 


Back in England the comms station uses a nice old RCA AR88 receiver which is shown 
several times in a couple of the episodes. Lots of close ups of radio ops sending and 
receiving encoded CW messages, with cans on their heads.

This is probably the best TV drama series including WW2 radio I have seen.

If you have Netflix you can get 8 episodes of WISH ME LUCK as streaming video. I am not
trying to promote them. I sure wish they had seasons 2 and 3 available!

Bry AF4K (Ex-G3XLQ)

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