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Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Tue Jun 12 23:01:39 EDT 2012

Hallicrafters S20R SKY Champion Receiver

This vintage SW receiver has 8 tubes. Excellent condition and it works - $125.00 plus 

This is a four-band general coverage receiver, covering all frequencies from 540 kHz to 44.0 
MHz. In addition to bandspread tuning, it features AVC (automatic volume control), ANL 
(automatic noise limiter), BFO (beat frequency oscillator) for SSB and CW reception, a three-
position tone control, and headphone jack. The S-20R has an RF amplifier and two stages of 
IF amplification.

The Hallicrafters S-20R Sky Champion was made from 1939-1945 and sold for $49.50, 
putting it in middle of the company's prewar radio lineup. The entry-level Hallicrafters set for 
1939 was the model S-19 Sky Buddy, selling for $29.50. Higher priced prewar models 
included the SX-24 Skyrider Defiant at $69.50 and the SX-25 Super Defiant at $94.50.

Model S-20R was the first in a long-lived product line. Hallicrafters repackaged essentially the 
same radio, with minor updates, as models S-40, S-85 and S-108.

The back panel contains sockets for two optional accessories. One socket is for power, 
permitting mobile use with batteries (one 6-volt and one 340-volt). The second socket is for 
an external S-meter to show signal strength while tuning. The S-meter socket came in handy 
for my magic eye project.

This was a pretty full-featured receiver for the price. The higher-priced SX models added only 
a few nice-but-not-necessary features: variable selectivity, a crystal filter, calibrated band 
spread, and a built-in S-meter. Available for $125.00 plus shipping. Offers and trades 

Picture and details:

73 - Bry Carling, AF4K

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