[Boatanchors] Starnge S-38B w/ANL switch - A Probable Answer

Bob Jackson bob at nofrowns.net
Sun Jun 17 13:18:51 EDT 2012

After removing the chassis to examine the circuitry and the cabinet more closely, I now believe that the ANL addition was a modification done by a  previous owner, or at their direction. The three-switch group could be easily achieved by robbing an original model "parts" radio. That would make the red switch paddles and the spacing look correct. I also noted that the ANL switch was not secured to the cabinet with a blind rivet as are the original switches are.

As for the cabinet itself, the ANL switch hole is slightly larger and a bit "rougher" than the others. It was probably done using a "nibbler". Further, close inspection of the lettering reveals that it is less sharp and that the paint is flat and not raised as the original ones. The font is a fairly close match but in a larger point size. As for the circuitry, not having the BFO tube called for some "inventiveness" on the part of the modifier which looks dubious at best to me. 

My conclusion is a that this isn't a factory variant but a failed attempt to add ANL to a design that was never meant to have such. I have sent a note to Chuck Dachis regarding this radio and if I hear back from him I'll post his response here for those that might be interested.

Bob  AG5X

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