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> Is there a primer on how to cast radio knobs, e.g. what materials to use,
where to get them, 
> step 1,2,3... etc?

Hmmm ... this is a subject that rarely comes up but obviously it's not a
forgotten one.  It is sometimes controversial since some believe the most
important part is the rod while others the reel and still others the line
etc.  My belief is that it has to be a balanced system matched to the
situation.  For example, what's good for surf casting wouldn't work on a
quiet lake.

Errr ... wait.  Wrong kind of casting.  My bad.

Seriously, go to Micro-Mark @ http://www.micromark.com since they have
materials, instructions and other stuff for both resin and low melting temp
metal.  I tend to favor pewter for metal casting and do resin casting only
as needed.  Well, past tense for now since I've not done any for several
years but it's still all good.  

As a side note, the molds are often made of rubber from a master of some
type.  One of the things I hope to do is to rebuild the shock towers for my
GF/RU set by casting that rubber as a replacement for the original.  That
should be ... ummm ... interesting.

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