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Lloyd was a good friend and one of those very rare people who could pull me
out of a depression.  Funny how he always knew when to call too ... 

He was, in fact, an exceptionally generous man as anyone who has bought
anything from him will attest.  I once bought a bunch of old resistors from
him which were padded with - yep, bags of resistors.  Oh, and the scorpion
I've mentioned a few times.  He also had a sense of humor that was well
known about everywhere he went.  

Lloyd and I used to swap "war stories" about being aircraft mechanics,
aircraft radios with ARC (pre and post Cessna's buyout) in particular and
life in general.  He was a fountain of knowledge as my notes regarding ARC
will attest and had a certain way of describing things that ... well, see
above regarding his sense of humor.  

Now, I knew Lloyd and I knew Marty Reynolds.  And I know damned sure those
two are gonna hook up wherever they landed much to the consternation of
whoever's in charge.

You're missed, Lloyd.  Greatly.

Best regards,
Michael, WH7HG, A&P 1803851
Note to self: Need more henchmen, good ones this time.  Also, start
auditions for new female lab assistant.
Hiki Nô! 

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It is with a very heavy heart that I report the passing of Lloyd Godsey,
KK7IZ, yesterday morning, 16 March, after a brief illness.


Lloyd was a bigger than life personality, and generous to a fault, belying
his gruff exterior.  His mortal presence will 

Be missed.


I will post more information when it becomes available.


God rest his soul.


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