[Boatanchors] Kenyon Transformer

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Mon Mar 19 18:23:23 EDT 2012

Why not put a full wave solid state bridge on the secondary half that is

Unless you are going to run an induction heater at 100% duty cycle, It'll
probably work.



> Well, a snag has arisen.
> When I turned on the PS, I had 1700V on the meter.  When I pulled the 866s
> to wash them, one was cold, because of open heater.  On a whim, I put the
> good one on the other side and got NO DC!  Yep, one side of the nice
> Kenyon
> is wide OPEN.  I opened the case, but the windings are potted in tar and
> there's no hope for repair.  It's now in the recycling pile!  I don't have
> anything of similar size that will do 1700V, si I'll likely make up a
> bridge
> for one of the lower voltage ones I have and feed with a variac.
> Ho Hum, still a nice amp and a fair deal...
> WL
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>> My new hamfest find has a Kenyon S 10703  plate xfmr, which I can't find
>> in the catalogs I have links for.
>> Can anyone help with specs for it?
>> The find is a very nicely built amp with PP V-70-D triodes, about 5-600W
>> input.  If anyone is interested in such BAs, I'll send pictures.
>> Thanks,
>> Wilson
>> W4BOH
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