[Boatanchors] I am a bit embarrassed with this question but

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Sat Mar 24 17:15:13 EDT 2012

Everybody started somewhere.

Looks to me like the modern equivalent of an entry-level scope, like a
Heathkit or EICO. It is not a 'scope for advanced design work, but is
certainly OK for service, homebrew play, and lewarning.

> I am a bit embarrassed with this question but keep getting conflicting
answers so here goes....
> I'm a bit of a newly and just learning without available local help, i
am in the position of testing the type of waves such as  modified or
square or pure sine waves, also voltage if possible,

The unit will display any kind of waveform, sine, square, triangle, pulse,
and random. The timebase range is good too. I didn't notice if it has
delayed sweep function, but you won't need that.

>  im in the USA with
> 60mhz 120-600vac volts, question is can i use this oscilloscope  sold on
eBay  (200470598507 ) will this be OK for this use?

Yes and no.

The 600 VAC is the problem. The maximum input voltage is 80V P-P. That is
800 V P-P with the 10x probe. 600 VAc is roughly 1600 V P-P.
This is an issue because the input impedance is NOT standard and standard
probes will not work.

So it'd be fine for 115 and 230, but not for 600 IMO.

Also, you need to be very careful about electrical safety when working on
600 V. It can fry you to a crisp in nothing flat.

All that said, it sure is cute. I want one.




the portability and
> price is a plus but...... that's where you come in i hope , anyway 73's
to all and be safe Phil K1pak
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