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Hello !

There are several facilities that rebuild ceramic tubes -- unfortunately to
the best of my knowledge they limit their work to thoriated tungsten and
pure tungsten (few that they are anymore) filament tubes, and don't rebuild
barium oxide cathode tubes.

The 4CX1000A is a barium oxide cathode type, as is, if I recall, the
5CX1500.  Generally everything larger is thoriated tungsten, and everything
smaller -- 4CX250B, 4CX300A, etc. is barium oxide.

So yes, several folks rebuild ceramic tubes, but not the 4CX1000A unless one
has (unlikely) just started.

ECONCO in California is the most famous domestic rebuilder, Freeland Labs in
Louisiana is second.

In the world of broadcasting we use both of these guys all the time!

Good luck!


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G'day to the list:  I thought I remembered something about a service that
repairs ceramic vacuum tubes like the 4CX1000 etc.  Did I dream this?  Can
anyone point out any reality here?

Thanks in advance and 73 to all,

Mike W2IY


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