[Boatanchors] RCA HB-3 tube manual complete set with spares and HB-10 for sale

Mike Langner mlangner at swcp.com
Thu Nov 1 12:34:18 EDT 2012

Hello guys !

A few days ago hoping some museum would pick it up I placed a complete RCA
HB-3 tube manual (the multi-volume set), several additional spare volumes,
and a/the 2-volume HB-10 semiconductor manual on eBay.

So far there's been remarkably little interest, few viewers, and the bidding
stands at the princely sum of $10 as I write this.

So, perhaps someone among our boatanchor community would like to have this
set - clearly it's going to sell for not-very-much-money as so little
interest in it is showing.

I probably didn't get it into just the right categories so it would be
easily found - but that's my loss.

Just in case you might have any interest, just search eBay for RCA HB-3 -
eBay has goofed up the web page in which they're listed - picture doesn't
show but "mousing around" works - and the item number's not visible.

Thanks for taking time to read this note!





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