[Boatanchors] F,S. Lot of T.M.'s

Patrick Marineau wb8ybf at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 15:39:16 EST 2012

For Sale: Lot of 6 T.M.'s All are VG-Exc. with the exception noted.
1.  AF Manual 100-5 Radio Receiver 1956.
2.  AF Manual 100-6 Radio Transmitters 1957.
3.  TM 11-300 Frequency Meter Sets SCR-211A thru T and AA thru AL 20 July 1944.
4.  TM 11-487A Directory of Signal Corps Equipment Radio Communication
Equipment.  Lots of WW2 equipment.  Note:  Some water stains, but
still very usable with good pictures of equipment.
5.  U.S. Army Armor Comm-Elec Data July 1973
6.  TM 11-2093 Code Practice Equipments EE-94F and EE95F  Nov. 1950.
All for $45 shipped flat rate Priority U.S.
Pat K9HF

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