[Boatanchors] Drake expert help needed

Michael Tortorella w2iy at verizon.net
Sun Sep 9 14:02:32 EDT 2012

G'day all,

I need help identifying a Drake noise blanker.  It has 3 tubes and a 50 kHz
IF transformer, built on a thin copper sheet with 3 subchassis mounted at
right angles to the base with self-tap screws.  No markings or tube labels.
So it's for sure not a 4NB but it looks like it was for one of the R4, R4A,
or R4B receivers (or maybe TR4 etc.), not the C models.  I know this is a
sketchy description, but I hope it may ring a bell with one of our Drake
experts here.  Thanks in advance for any shared knowledge and 73 to all,

Mike W2IY

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