[Boatanchors] Collins 32V- parts and assemblies

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 22:27:36 EDT 2012

I have the remains of a 32V-2 that I had acquired with the intention of eventually restoring.  However, I ended up using several major items (both power transformers and the PTO) to fix someone else's 32V-2.  After the experience of fixing that particular 32V-2, I don't plan on working on any more for a LONG time!  As such, I have several parts and assemblies that are available including

Complete r.f. section (less tubes) including the PTO connector and the connectors for the indicator lights on the dial.

Complete modulator section (less tubes).

Front panel (good condition but definitely not new and no glass)

Mode switch (with meter shunts and meter connections)

Meter switch

High voltage choke

Both low voltage chokes

Wire wound resistors

I never had a cabinet for the transmitter.

The paper capacitors are still in there.

E-Mail me direct for prices plus shipping costs.
Glen, K9STH

Website: http://k9sth.com

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