[Boatanchors] Tubes for postage - Trying to "play it forward"

Bob Jackson bob at nofrowns.net
Tue Sep 11 20:13:51 EDT 2012

Fellow BA-ers:

I've received so much help from this crowd in the past that I thought I'd try to pay back some. Below is a list of two cartons of tubes that I'll never use and hope someone else can. Otherwise, into the scrap heap as I need the room. I'm hoping that won't happen.

First replies gets one or the other or both.

73 to all,

Bob AG5X


Box #1 - ~100 boxed, largely untested 6 volt tubes with a few other ? voltages ... $20.00 for USPS parcel post

Box #2  Nine boxed, tested good "numbered" tubes as follows ... for $15.00 for USPS parcel post

    1 each of #57,75,78,48

    2 each of #43

    3 each of #80

Prices quotes are for a box, peanuts and postage and is estimated as worse case. Shipping costs will be re-calc'd to the first responder.

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