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Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sat Apr 20 07:24:40 EDT 2013


Globe Scout 680A Transmitter - restored, excellent $125.00
Expertly repainted and restored. Has bat handle switches but otherwise completely original.
Looks similar to this:

National NC125 Receiver, excellent $125.00
Type: General Coverage plus bandspread on amateur bands.
Modes: AM/CW
Audio Output: 6V6 with 2 Watts
Crystal filter
Size: 8.25"h x 16.5"w x 11.75"d
Approx. Weight: 30 lbs
Tube Complement: 6SG7 rf, 6SB7Y osc/mixer, (2) 6SG7 if, 6H6 det/avc/anl, 6SL7 phase 
shifter, 6SL7 boost-reject audio amp, 6SL7 af1/cwo, 6V6 af out, 0A2 vr, 5Y3GT rect.
Beautiful 1950s radio. Includes SELECT-O-JECT filter, and covers from 550 kHz to 35 MHz.
Has many extra features.  ANL, BFO etc.  Comes with a copy of the manual.  Full 
specifications are here:
Typical picture:

EF Johnson Viking II Transmitter - exellent. Needs new power cord - $350.00
A copy of the manual is included. 
Modes: AM/CW
Bands: 160 - 10 Meters bandswitching
Input Power: 135 Watts AM, 180 Watts CW
Power Supply: Internal
Final Tube(s): Two 6146 parallel
Modulator: Two 807 (PP)
Size: 10.25"h x 20.0"w x 13.0"d
Approx. Weight: 70 lbs

For the musically inclined:

Fender Bandmaster amplifier head, silver face excellent  - $325.00
Two channels - one with tremelo. Uses two 6L6GC power tubes for a conservative 40 watts 
out. Foot switch included. 

Zoom R16 multitrack recorder (to SD cards) includes AC supply, SD card and original box.  
Needs circuit board replaced ($125) - normally sells for $399.00 - available for $100.00

Fender Jazz Bass, 4-string MIM - 2 pickups, excellent condition - $350.00
Jazz Bass Semi-soft case - $50.00

HIP SHOT Low-D tuner for Jazz Bass, great for instantly flipping to drop-D tuning, allows 
instantly changing the low E string from E to D or reverse. Comes with instructions in original 
packaging. Chrome finish to match other keys on jazz bass - $40.00 

Can ship all items.

Regards - Bry Carling AF4K

Behringer V-AMP II Effects Unit for guitar, reverb knob broken. Includes the carry case, the 
original footswitch and AC supply. Works 100% - $50.00

Boss DR5 "Doctor Rhythm Section" drum machine includes power supply and manual - 

Drop me an e-mail for details, pictures or for any questions you may have.

Regards - Bry Carling, AF4K

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