[Boatanchors] [time-nuts] APN-9A Very Rare LORAN-A Manual Copies Available

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Sun Apr 21 15:27:48 EDT 2013

I can't scan parts of it as it's far too big. Also it takes far, far
longer to scan and examine every page for proper exposure, etc.

I've done this kind of stuff before.

It's much easier for me to make hard copies as I can do QC instantly.
Someone is interested in a copy and I think he will be scanning it




> On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 11:21:33AM -0700, J. Forster wrote:
>> As you may know, some time ago, I acquired an all-but-mythical
>> APN-9A LORAN-A receiver/Indicator.
>> This is not the common APN-9 LORAN-A, but is a hybrid
>> (analog/digital) version built for the B-36 bomber.
>> Very few were built and documentation is just about
>> non-existant.
>> I have been very generously lent a copy of the Handbook of
>> Operating Instructions (AN 16-30APN9-6) and the Handbook
>> of Maintenance Instructions (AN 16-30APN9-7) plus some
>> manuals on the Antenna Couplers. This is very likely the
>> only documentation extant on the set.
>> I am going to make a high quality Xerox copy of the manual,
>> but, since it is little extra effort to make additional
>> copies at the same time, I'm willing to make additional
>> copies at Staples cost + postage.
>> Note:
>> This is a one time only offer. It has to be manually fed.
>> I do not own the original.
>> I am offering anything but Xeroxs of the original.
>> The copies will be two-sidede, like the original.
>> Oversized sheets will be copied in one piece, oversized.
>> I'd expect the copying cost to be under $50.
>> Only the complete manuals are available.
> Just out of curiosity: wouldn't it be way smarter to
> make high resolution Scans instead of Copies, to preserve
> the Information for posterity?
> best,
> Herbert
> PS: no, I'm not interested in a copy _or_ scan.
>> If you are interested, please contact me off-list ONLY,
>> before next Saturday.
>> Best,
>> -John
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