[Boatanchors] Another Belton Swapfest

Marshall Dues (K5MMD) mmdues at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 17:36:44 EDT 2013

Hello, All,

I went to Belton and took about 50 or so pictures of boatanchors for sale
and have posted them at the following URL:


I tried to get them into a file that I named:  Belton Hamfest April 2013,
but it seems they went to a file named: Library.  So I hope they are
visible to all.  By the way,  the National NCX-5 followed me home (for
$25.00!).  No power supply, and sans final PA tubes, otherwise in very good

The overnight temps fell to 38 degrees after a late "blue norther", but it
warmed into the mid 60s in a cloudless and very blue sky.  I drove back to
Katy (Houston area, for you Yankees),
but had to stop in Rogers at the Dancing Bee Winery and Honey Farm for a
quart of Central Texas Wildflower honey, then enjoyed a bluebonnet lined
road to Brenham, where I stopped for lunch at the Southern Flyer airport
restaurant.  It's a neat 50s style diner with poodle-skirted, pony tailed,
bobby soxer waitresses and 50s only music on the juke box.

What an enjoyable weekend I had!


Marshall Dues, K5MMD
Katy, Texas

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 1:50 PM, Kees & Sandy <windy10605 at juno.com> wrote:

> Another Belton Swapfest in the rearview mirror. It was great with quite a
> few more attendees and sellers than last time. Always good to see everyone
> and test yourself on remembering names ;o). Some of the old guys actually
> looked better than they had in previous years. One example is Roy Acuff
> (the ham). That Hill Country (Burnet) air living must be really good for
> you.
> This time the "rig de jour" was Drake equipment, it was everywhere
> ..........in the parking lot ........in trunks........inside on the floor,
> .....inside on tables. Much of it was gone or had "moved to another spot"
> by Thursday evening. In fact that happens quite a bit with the "good deals"
> on Thursday. The "rig de jour" has been the R-390/A but this time I only
> saw 3 of the R-390/A's.
> Saturday I had some WCARC club member stuff and shared my table with a
> good friend from Austin whose wife and he had agreed that he needs to "thin
> the herd" so at least he has a path through his "stuff". He had brought
> quite a bit and ended up taking up a lot of floor space (the really good
> stuff was on the table) and stuff like a BIG Boonton signal generator was
> not too popular......even later on for FREE. You know the feeling, big
> boatanchors, great in their day, too good to just throw out and you would
> feel guilty ......have to find someone who appreciates it and will give it
> a good home. Nearing the end of the event, I put my specialized skills to
> use, knowing a few sellers who would take ANY "free stuff". Three hand
> trucks later, much of the floor stuff had found a new home.
> I saw a Tektronics 453 and 454 go for $30 for the pair. A BC-221 in good
> condition for $10 (we had 3 at our table). Many ARC-5 units selling for $20
> to $5 each. In fact, I had a reasonably complete Q5er for$5 which did not
> sell. The activity, as usual, started Thursday afternoon and the weather
> was beautiful, cool and a few clouds. One fellow came in (before I got
> there) with lots of items marked with a price on a piece of blue tape. I
> saw many pickups with purchased gear in the back with a little piece of
> blue tape with $1, $2, etc on it. He sold most of his stuff in short order
> and there were several "the one that got away" stories".  Not a single
> BC-348 was seen......that surprised me, but then again , can't be
> everywhere, especially if you have a seller table. One guy had some
> interesting CW keys and other (estate?) stuff on a trailer but he never
> came back to several guys sitting on the fenders of his trailer waiting. I
> think he missed some early sales.
> I saw Monty walking around with a-n-o-t-h-e-r  keyer/paddle combination he
> had just purchased.....good for QRP.
> Richard from New Caney was there as always, with his overalls riding
> around on an electric scooter pulling a wagon which was generally loaded as
> he headed back to his pickup with the loot. I think he attends all the
> events within a ~300mi radius of New Caney. If you have older US made tube
> gear in good to excellent condition, It's great to see Richard coming
> around. He just buys and buys and loads up his warehouse. He's VERY
> knowledgeable on the old gear and ALWAYS owns several examplesof
> "everything" in his warehouse.
> One fellow had a number of 6ft rack cabinets outside, ..........talk about
> hauling. There were only two serious tube vendors this time, there are
> usually more. A few strange military items I couldn't identify and several
> towers. One guy had parts by the pound in the outside area and he sold a
> surprising amount. Nice to find 450V electrolytics.
> The usual contingent of Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom gear was everywhere.
> Of course, a meal at the BBQ place on Central St in Belton was in order at
> the close.
> 73 Kees K5BCQ
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