[Boatanchors] FS: Various Items

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Wed Apr 24 22:53:57 EDT 2013

FOR SALE or trade:

Astatic D104 Microphone with stand and cable.  Has standard round screw-on connector 
with single pin in center. Available for $45.00 plus shipping.

Hallicrafters S94 Civic Patrol tunable VHF receiver  $30.00 plus shipping.

Hallicrafters S40B Receiver. Needs work  -  $45.00 plus shipping. 

20 feet of 450 ohm open wire feeder plus a solid heavy duty B&W center insulator. 
Good for a KW station.  Available for $5.00 plus shipping.

LDG Balun 4:1 for open wire to auto-tuners. Model RBA-4:1
Available for $12.00 plus shipping.

100 kHz calibrator crystal, new for $19.00 plus shipping

200 kHz, 455 kHz  crystals available for $30.00 each plus shipping.

1000 kHz and 1700 kHz crystals available  for $16.00 each plus shipping.

Power Supply 65VDC at 10 amps, plus 5V and +/- 15V DC at 1.5A each.
Has 120V AC primary. Available for $35.00 plus shipping.

Fender Jazz bass, exc.  $350.00 plus shipping.

Aphex Bass Exciter pedal - $99.00 plus shipping.

Korg Nanopad - $20.00 plus shipping.

Open to trades. Thanks for looking.
73 de AF4K, Brian Carling

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