[Boatanchors] Any Need? NOS Heathkit TC-2 Tube Checker Roll Chart

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The Heat Master Parts List of 1984 lists series #445 as CHARTS.  Part #445-1 
as a TC 47 Roll.  #445-5 is listed as a TC 3 Roll, #445-6 is listed as a TT 
1 A Roll, #445-7 is listed as an IT 17 Roll.

If you make assumptions it might appear that since the TC 47 Roll is #1 in 
the #445 series it would be from an early device which seems to validate the 
pencil marking on the box.


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Hello All,

Came across this NOS roll chart in its original box.  A web search indicated 
this was (or could be) used on a Heathkit TC-2.

The box has 'TUBE TESTER CHART #TC47 1952' written in pencil.  If anyone out 
there has the manual/instructions for a Heath TC-2, perhaps the part number 
could be verified.  I do not have such documentation myself.

For reference, here are the settings for a 1C21 tube as printed on the 

1C21    4    .75    45    E    BG

If anyone needs it, a grand sum of $9 will get it mailed to you via USPS 
Small Flat Rate Box.  PayPal please.

Best Regards,


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