[Boatanchors] Any Interest? A Course in Radio Fundamentals (ARRL Booklet)

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 4 12:23:35 EDT 2013

Hello All,

Rescued from an estate sale is a booklet published by ARRL in 1948 (fifth printing of third edition).  103 pages with lessons, experiments, exercise problems (and the answers) with many pages of advertisements in the back.

Soft cover, with edge wear as could be expected, binding is good and intact.  Many diagrams, and the printing of photos is nice and clear.  No water/coffee stains, no warps, no musty smell.

As there are advertisements in the back pages, I cannot legally (>cough<) send this by media mail.

$7 will get it to your door in a new padded envelope.  

Yeah, $7 may seem a bit high... but when you consider the cost of a fancy padded envelope, gas, postage, and the time and effort to pen witty missives... it's a bargain.  Go ahead, treat yourself.

Best Regards,


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