[Boatanchors] Battery Glue

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Thu Aug 8 21:11:49 EDT 2013

Until they were discontinued in the last decade or so, "dry" batteries
were a common source of a lot of voltages for portable gear.

Generally, these were of two types: Stacks of pancake like cells of zinc,
electrolyte, and carbon, or assemblies of AA or somilar cylindrical cells.

Either type were loaded into cardboard boxes, sometimes waxed, with a
cheap connector (socket) or flying leads of Fahnstock Clips or screw
terminals. Sometimes they were potted in tar.

The military used such a battery, the BA-2, composed of 15 ea AA cells. It
was used in the BC-221 and TG-5, among other places.

Anyway, I have some of these and would like to open the boxes up and fit 5
AA holders of 3 batteries into each.

Question: Does anyone know what kind of glue was used to assemble the
boxes? I would like to be able to take the boxes apart without damage.




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