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How do you get them to respond to your inquiry for a quote? I need a couple 
 of modulation transformers custom built so I wrote twice to Hammond's new  
Peter Dahl rep but never heard back from them.
Regards, Greg
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That's  probably good news as Hammond has made good iron for at least  60



> Harbach  Electronics no longer has the transformer business.
>  Peter W. Dahl Transformers Live On
> Hammond Manufacturing Takes  Over Manufacturing & Sales
> 22 February 2013: A purchase agreement  has been signed and executed with
> Hammond Manufacturing Company, Inc.  of Cheektowaga, New York to acquire
> the Peter Dahl line of products  from Harbach Electronics, LLC.
> Finalization of the acquisition and  transfer of assets has taken place
> and was completed on March 29,  2013. The main contact person at Hammond
> Manufacturing Company, Inc.  is:
> Mark Mercer
> Tel: +1 (716) 630-7030
> Fax: +1 (716)  630-7042
> e-mail: mmercer at hammfg.com
> On Sun, 28  Jul 2013 13:42:52 +0000 William Morton
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>> Hello All,
>> Not sure if I sent this  out before or not so, at the risk of
>> duplicating an earlier  message, I will send it now.
>>  http://www.harbachelectronics.com/_mgxftp/pwdbcast/PWDBCAST.HTML#T
>>  This site is for a company that rewinds transformers or makes them
>>  to order.  I have never ordered anything from them, but the  site
>> helped me find the details on a transformer a few years  back.
>> I came across this site once more in my search  for the details on a
>> vintage RCA transformer - and unfortunately  the numbers stamped on
>> the bells are not found in that  site.
>> (If anyone has a 'master list' of RCA  power/interstage/ouput/choke
>> transformers, I would love to have  access...)
>> Best Regards,
>>  William
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