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Hello  All,

Boy, that was fast...

Received a response within minutes of  sending the original message.  The 
manual has found a new  home.

Best Regards,


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Subject: Any  Interest?  Maintenance Instructions ARC Type 12 Radio Set
Date: Sun,  18 Aug 2013 02:47:07 +0000

Hello All,

Continuing to  clean out the boxes in the garage.

I have what appears to be the  complete maintenance manual for the ARC Type 
12 radio set.  Each of the  many sections is drilled for a 3-hole binder, 
but please note the holes are  larger than typical and the holes are rather 
close to the edge of what  could/should have been the binding.  There is no 
cover, so perhaps it was  removed some time ago.  Overall, it is in very good 
condition with no  water stains, coffee mug rings and such.  There are some 
dog-eared  corners from inserting it into its original storage envelope and 
some a few of  the frontmost pages have tears right at the drilled holes.  
(See?  I  told you the holes were close to the edge...).  Many diagrams and  
schematics on oversized pages - printing looks nice and clean from what I 
see  while fanning through the pages.

There are about 300 pages to the set,  according to the numbers I see in 
the lower right-hand corner of the final  pages.  The whole set is tied with 
vintage string that I do not intend to  cut as I would like to keep 
everything together.

Here are some details  from the front page:

(USAF) T.O. 12R2-4-1-2
(FORMERLY AN  16-45-122)
(NAVY) AN 16-45-122



The publication is dated 5 June, 1956.

A random price of  $11 will get it sent to you via USPS Media mail in a 
padded envelope.  If  it is worth more than that, feel free to give the 
difference to a  charity.  

Best Regards,


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