[Boatanchors] R-270/BC-794 XTAL control

George Babits gbabits at custertel.net
Sun Aug 25 13:02:59 EDT 2013

Yesterday I picked up an R-270/FRR;  similiar to the BC-794 Super Pro.  This 
unit was made byWickes Engineering & Construction Co.  Never heard of them, 
has anyone else?

The other "oddity" is a crystal control ocsilator on top of the tuning 
capacitor unit.  This has position for 3 crystals (FT-171).  On the front 
panel is a black plate with OFF, 1, 2, 3 positions and a "trimmer" to zero 
the crystal.    Anyone have any information on that?

The set is very dusty, but I got the power supply and cables with it. 
Unfortunately the BAMA site does not have a manual for either the R-270 or 
the BC-794.  I have a manual for the BC-779 and will have to see what 
differences there are besides the frequency range.


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