[Boatanchors] Seasons Greetings and Thanks!

William w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 24 21:37:26 EST 2013

Hello All,

Taking a moment here to thank the Boatanchor community for all of the support and suggestions I have received over the past year.  My wife sends her thanks as well for your willingness to take some parts out of the house.

My latest project, the Magnavox AC 2 amplifier, has been interesting.  I have found a schematic and soldered the one loose wire back into place (hopefully the right place).  Several people sent good suggestions for adding more bias to the grids in order for the tubes to operate better.  Now, in addition to the A and B voltages, I will have a new friend:  C.  Thus I will be ordering a battery eliminator kit from Antique Electronics Supply to help me out.  Yeah, I could probably rig something up but it would look...like I rigged something up.  With the kit I can pop the whole assembly in a box with a switch and a terminal strip on the back.

Thanks again for all of your kind comments and suggestions.  I am sure I will be asking more questions in the coming year.

Happy Holidays to All

Best Regards,


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