[Boatanchors] Antique Radio Charlotte web page updates

w4ron at carolina.rr.com w4ron at carolina.rr.com
Sun Feb 3 02:31:45 EST 2013

The web page for our annual conference "Antique Radio Charlotte"
has been updated to include a downloadable pdf copy of the conference brochure and
a really neat "Flipbook" where the brochure can be viewed on-line.


The brochure is being printed and should be in the mail by the middle of the coming week.
There is also a link to a web page with photos of Ted Miller's radio collection
that will be auctioned on Friday afternoon as part of our "Old Equipment Auction".
If you've attended the Charlotte conference in the last 4 years you will be
mailed a brochure. 
The deadline for making hotel reservations and getting them at the special
conference of $89 per night is approaching, I think it's about 1 month before
the conference itself.

There is also a downloadable pre-registration form on the web page. 

If you have any questions be sure the see the Q&A web page on the main
conference page or contact me by email.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the conference in March.

73, RON w4ron 
My YouTUBE channel 

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