[Boatanchors] Classic Exchange & AWA AM QSO Party - THIS UPCOMING WEEKEND

J.D. MacAulay, WQ8U jmac6235 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 19:50:38 EST 2013

Join in the fun.  Work classic AM and SSB rigs this Sunday.



Hillsborough, NC

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There are two overlapping AM Phone events this weekend, the AWA AM QSO Party and the Phone section of the Classic Exchange.  You are likely to run across stations working both events, and you certainly can count your contacts in both of them.


The Classic Exchange information is at http://www.classicexchange.org/ , click on January 2013 CX Announcement.  You will see that the CX rules are a bit different, in particular the same station may be worked more than once on each band with different equipment, either on your end of the QSO or on his end.  The CX recommended center frequencies are 1885, 3870,7290, 14286, 21240, and 29000 kHz.  The 75, 40 and 20 meter frequencies are within the AWA recommended segments, so there should be a good opportunity for AWA stations to make contacts with CX stations.  There will also be CX activity with vintage SSB equipment centered at 3895, 7280, and 14270.  There is often CX AM activity on 14270 as well, so tune down that far for potential AWA contacts.  


The CX hours are 1400 UTC, 9 a.m. EST on Sunday to 0800 UTC, 3 a.m. EST on Monday.


Hope to work you on both events, 73,


Jim Hanlon, W8KGI

> Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 19:35:09 -0600
> From: don at radiolabworks.com
> To: james_millen_society at mailman.qth.net
> Next weekend is the AWA AM QSO Party and as has been the case since the 
> first Party W1HRX will again be a flagship station.
> This year W1HRX returns to 1-land with Bill K1BF hosting as control 
> operator from his shack in Maine. Bill will be assisted by Jim, KB1MCV 
> and as a result W1HRX may be multiband and multioperator. Yet another 
> first if it works out and we can hear W1HRX simultaneously on two bands. 
> Bill will be fully high power Millen/National on 75 meters, an ART-13 
> will provide RF on 40 meters and a Ranger w/amplifier will do duties on 
> 20 meters.
> This is an open operating event and anyone can participate. Thus AWA 
> membership is not required! For rules see:
> http://www.antiquewireless.org/pdf/amqso_rules.pdf
> Please note they have the wrong year on the event date within the rules 
> text. The days are correct though. It goes from 6PM EST Saturday 
> afternoon for a 24 hour period (6PM EST Sunday).
> I will be on with my Millen setup both days.
> Last, I want to thank those who offered to operate W1HRX this year. 
> This will be the first time Bill operates W1HRX and in an effort to 
> expand the use and opportunity I decided to return the call back to the 
> 1-land this time around. I'm sure the last time it was used in New 
> England was when James Millen QSO'ed from his Massachusetts hilltop 
> station.
> I hope to work my fellow JMS members this weekend. Millen-to-Millen!
> 73
> Don N9OO
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