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Everything General Radio made seems to have quality written all over it.  Beautiful, "permanent looking" gear!!

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>	That's interesting timing as there was just a GR signal gen.
>offered in St Paul, MN as well.
>	They are big and heavy but beautifully-engineered!
>	I don't know how well the features compare to the modern
>> A friend of mine is downsizing and has some interesting, but unusual,
>> he'd like to see go to good homes.  One is a General Radio impedance
>> model 650A.  This is built like all classic GR stuff using all
>> materials and construction techniques.  Other item is a HP 425A DC
>> microvolt-ammeter in nice shape but is missing the probe.  Any
>> offers considered, these are in NJ and shipping the GR might be
>> If no takers, will offer to a museum somewhere (AWA?).  I would hate
>to see
>> these go to the recycler.
>> Thanks for the BW and 73 to all
>> Mike W2IY
>Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com
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