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Mon Jan 7 12:41:39 EST 2013

Hi Wilson, if I can find it I'll sell you my set,
it's the first QST CD that covers 1915-1929 I think.
It's in a box in the garage full of stuff that I had
been taking to hamfests.
I'm going to be working out there a lot over the coming
days and when I find It I'll let you know.

73, w4Ron

---- Wilson Lamb <infomet at embarqmail.com> wrote: 
> Does anyone have the CD ROMs for any years before 1940?
I’d like to borrow or buy some, especially late 30s.  ARRL no longer sells them because people weren’t satisfied with the quality of the images !!
AND the search program apparently doesn’t work with Windows later versions.
I don’t even need the search.  I can just read the files.
I’m still looking for info on the first two Meissner Signal Shifters...ads, pictures, etc.
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