[Boatanchors] BAGS of BNC connectors and adapters

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Wed Jan 30 09:15:40 EST 2013

Thank you everyone - the bags of BNC connectors have all been sold!

If I run across any more I will post them. Please do not e-mail me about them for now.

73 - Brian

On 29 Jan 2013 at 7:10, Bry Carling wrote:

> For Sale:
> Three bags of BNC connectors and adapters.
> Each bag contains 25 items - some new, some used, all in good usable
> condition. 
> There are 3 or 4 BNC T-adapters in each bag.  There are also 3 or 4
> terminators. 
> You will get a mix of plugs and also adapters to go to things like
> "F" connectors, PL259, 
> sma etc.  Cable end, chasis mount etc.  There may also be one or two
> "F" splitters and other 
> unlisted item,s but the vast majority of these items are BNC
> adapters and connectors.
> A few are brand new, bagged or carded items still in their package.
> Several of the others 
> are unused but not in a package. Some are used but in very good
> condition.
> The three bags of BNC items are available for $12.50 per bag plus
> $6.50 for USA shipping. 
> Reply by e-mail if you would like to have one, or all of them.
> Best regards - Brian Carling, AF4K

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