[Boatanchors] ADMIN: Anyone Using Yahoo Email Accounts- PLEASE READ!

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Wed Jan 30 21:58:08 EST 2013


As you have seen, the Group has been getting spammed lately. Most spams
never get posted to the Group, but some do. These apparently come from
hacked Yahoo email accounts.

Yahoo itself was hacked, and the passwords to about half a million Yahoo
email addresses were obtained.    There are articles about it here


and here


The latter article also gives a link to see whether your particular
address is on the list.

What is happening here is that the hackers have obtained access to other
people's Yahoo email accounts.  If that applies to your address, they
can read all your mail, and send mails /as though they were you./   So
they will happily spam any groups that are connected with that email
address. We have now had several cases of it in a matter of a few days,
so I thought it time to take action.

PLEASE: If you use a Yahoo account to access this Group, either check the
second link and change your password, or just change your password.

If this continues, ALL Yahoo accounts may be placed on Moderation in
Groups I administer.

Thank you,



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