[Boatanchors] Cubic Astro (Swan) 102bx DC Connector pin-out?

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Mon Jul 1 11:14:08 EDT 2013

The pins are not numbered on the chassis connector and the
Service Manual fails to provide the usual pin-out image.

I cannot find the matching Molex connector online (it is not
the same as the 6-pin used on some more modern gear.)

The pins are listed:

Pin 1  13.6 V DC
Pin 2  Ground
Pin 3  Ground (used for accessories)
Pin 4  13.6 V DC
Pin 5  Ground
Pin 6  13.6 V DC (DC fused for 3 amps (used for accessories)

The pins on the side of the illustration below (on the right
side, marked "key") appear to go to ground but I'd sure like
some confirmation so I don't guess wrong and smoke the rig!

In this ascii illustration there are also corner keys at the
top and bottom of the left side (looking at the rear of the

  () ()
         < key
  () ()
         < key
  () ()

FYI: The free PDF Service Manual download is here:


> I've managed to misplace the cable for my Astro 102bx.
> I believe the 6-pin connector wiring is the same as the 103.
> I looked at a copy of the Service Manual and the only reference
> I found to the DC connector is mechanical and not electrical.
>       Is it the pins down the left that are (+) and the right (-)
> (looking at the connector on the back of the rig)?
> 	Thanks! David KD4E


Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com

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