[Boatanchors] Eimac 3C100A5 and Eimac 2C39A Described

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   Michael Tauson wrote:

Errr ... ummm ... What's a 3C100A5?

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Hello All,

I have 3 tubes looking for a new home.  Here is your chance to save them
from the recycle bin while taking a gamble on their functionality at the
same time.  Sounds exciting, huh?

To be clear:  These were pulled from a surplus frequency generator, so I
have no idea if they are good tubes or not.

They do look pretty cool so maybe there are other uses with some
1.  Use them as imaginary rocket ships for kids to play with.
2.  Weld (solder? braze? epoxy?) them to the toggle of a switch to enhance
3.  Clunky wind chimes.
4.  Paperweights.
5.  Switch knobs in your Rat Rod.
6.  Christmas tree ornaments.

Yes, opportunities abound.

$14 via PayPal ([5]w_b_morton at hotmail.com) gets them to your door.  I will let
these sit for another day and, if no interest, off they go to recycling.

Best Regards,


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