[Boatanchors] Spoken For: FS: Transmitter, Radio T-366A/ARC

Michael Tauson wh7hg.hi at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 02:38:13 EDT 2013

Weeelll ... I'm the proud new owner and I'm always interested in adding to
my collection of ARC equipment.

I don't know if "awl yinz" (Okay, so I used to live in Da Burgh.) know it
but I'm the M. Tauson as what wrote the booklet in ARC equipment Fair Radio
has been selling for the last 30 or so years.  I'm working in a new project
for which the plan is to create as many live installations as I can.  This
includes not just Type 12 and later equipment but also earlier systems -
SCR-A*-183/-283, GF/RU, ATA/ARA, SCR-274-N, AN/ARC-5 and any earlier
civilian equipment made by or in relation to Aircraft Radio Corporation or
RFL which was ARC's parent company up to 1934.  Note that WE,
Stromberg-Carlson and a few others also made ARC-designed military

On the military side, the current plan calls for a complete SCR-274-N rig
along side a complete SCR-A*-183 with an extra Rx (and maybe something I can
pass off as a liaison Tx - BC-223, GP-7 or BC-AA-191), the GF/RU and ARA/ATA
in a mockup of an ART shop aboard a late WW II aircraft carrier that has
seen action so some shop made substitution is included, a shop-made Jeep
mounted version of an SCR-274-N that I have a photo of, some commercial
conversions and a few ham conversions that struck me as being fairly decent.

Everything is to be operational on at least 40m and preferably 80 and 40m.
While command equipment was intended for voice, it will be operated on CW
instead* since I doubt 10w worth of AM into a typical 16-20' wire aircraft
command equipment antenna will be really influential anywhere past a few
miles/kilometers.  CW, on the other hand, tends to get through nicely.

* Hams do it backwards.  Command equipment was intended for voice with CW as
a backup but hams use it for CW and occasionally AM.  WW II liaison
equipment was used primarily on CW but hams use it primarily on AM.  Gotta
love it.

On the civilian side, as much of the equipment will be operational as the
dynamotor, mount and connector count will allow.  Only a few pieces will be
able to be keyed since a good number of the units are on the VHF aircraft
band and keying up would be a Really Bad Thing.  A couple transmitters will
be on 2M with one converted to FM if I can hit a repeater that isn't tone
controlled.  (Reception will be by slope detection.)  

The only equipment that will be operating on 12v are the SCR-A*-183 (even if
I have to pervert some 24v equipment to do so) and the GF/RU.  This is
because I have 12v dynamotors for them while I have 24v for the rest.  

There is a kinda sorta extensive want/need list for this project in case
anyone is interested.

Best regards,
Michael, K3MXO, A&P 1803851 Ph: 1-866-733-0218
What flickering lights mean: 1% electrical problem. 99% demons
Hiki Nô! 

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Hi William,
	By any chance did you get more than one wanting it?  I have one I'd
happy to move on to a new owner.  Pse let me know if you get another 
bite.  It's not as new looking as yours, and price will be adjusted.

Al, W8UT

"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much
worth doing as simply messing about in boats"
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On 7/27/2013 6:20 PM, William Morton wrote:
> Hello All,
> The T-366-A/ARC has a new owner!
> Best Regards,
> William
> From: w_b_morton at hotmail.com
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> Subject: FS:  Transmitter, Radio T-366A/ARC
> Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 19:15:26 +0000
> Hello All,
> I have one of these in its original military packing box, which was then
enclosed in a foil/cloth bag.  The box has all but the top folded pieces of
cardboard cushion/bracing and all of this was found in an open condition.
(The foil/cloth bag is cut open, no longer intact.)
> The unit itself is in very good physical condition.  There is a blue shop
tag attached with a date stamp of 'NOV 7 xxxx' (the year is illegible) and
there is a stamp in the MFP INSPECTION box.  The NOMENCLATURE box has the
following typed in it:
> 5821-503-3434
> 2C669
> T-366A/ARC
> 121851
> RS 117R
> FIA-391
> $155.00
> The large metal tag on the front has the following:
> SERIAL NO. 374
> ORDER NO. 31231 - PHILA - 55
> U.S.
> 28V D.C.
> The smaller metal tag on the front has:
> 28 VOLTS
> There are 4 tubes on the inside (all 5763) and they do look used, judging
by some darker areas in the silvered areas on the top.  The 5 crystals are:
KC 6750, 121.7 MC, 6772.222 KC, KC 6783.333, KC 6805.555.  The crystal
packages are in the larger plastic configuration.  The 121.7 MC crystal is
hermetically sealed while the other crystals have two screws fastening the
top covers to the crystal containers.
> The unit is nicely painted in light gray wrinkle finish paint.  The paint
is nearly mint with only a couple of tiny nicks towards the rear of the left
side and evidence of a touch-up job, about 1/8" square on the upper left
side towards the front.  The coax couplings are tarnished, not surprising,
but the larger connectors and microphone jack show no corrosion.  All other
screws look great.  The only defect I see is a small warp along the top left
side of the box.  This has no effect on how the top cover is attached.  This
is a visual defect only and is not noticeable from a stand-off distance.
> I think $50, including shipment via USPS Parcel Post is reasonable.  It
would be my intention to ship it in its original box as it fits so well.
> Any takers?
> Best Regards,
> William

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