[Boatanchors] Chassis and cabinet from HT-17 free for shipping to a good home --

Mike Langner mlangner at swcp.com
Sat Jun 8 14:04:52 EDT 2013

Hello everyone !

Some time back I purchased two old Hallicrafters HT-17 transmitters in poor
condition. I'd used one in my 1957 novice days.

Robbing enough parts from one to make the other one work, I have the lesser
quality chassis, dial, and enclosure left over. No tubes and no meter, but
xfrmr, choke tuning caps, and chassis mounted parts.

If anyone is or may someday repair/restore an old HT-17, you're welcome to
this one for the cost of shipping.

Please email me if you're interested !

Thanks !



Mike Langner
929 Alameda Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114-1901

(505) 898-3212 home/home office
(505) 238-8810 cell
mlangner at swcp.com


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