[Boatanchors] type 83 mercury vapor tube

Garey Barrell k4oah at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 6 21:09:23 EST 2013

Joe -

Your tube is probably just fine.  The blue glow only appears when current is being drawn.  In the 
Hickok no current is drawn until you 'push a button' as part of a tube test.

The glow is also directly affected by the amount of current passed, so try testing a power tube with 
the case off, I bet you see the blue glow!

73, Garey - K4OAH
Glen Allen, VA

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Joseph Trombino, Jr wrote:
>> I just opened up my Hickcock 752 tube tester and turned the lights off in the shack to observe the 83 mercury vapor after a several minute warm-up period.
>> I saw NO blue haze that is typical of mercury vapor tubes.
>> I am fairly sure this indicates a bad tube....but ask if any of y'all have seen the same thing in a GOOD type 83 tube.....that is NO blue haze but the tube is still good.
>> If the tube is bad I wonder if anyone has a spare to sell...I've seen prices upwards of $50 from on-line vendors.
>> Also interested if any one has successfully used a solid state replacement for the 83 tube in the Hickcock line of tube testers??
>> Many thanks for you comments/observations.
>> 			73, Joe W2KJ

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