[Boatanchors] Info on Allied Radio Regenerative Receiver

RJ Mattson wn2ami at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 14:52:34 EDT 2013

Hi Dave,
I have the same Allied Radio Regen but it has original gray hammer
tone gray and in like new condition.
It has the same front screen printed control labeling and tube layout etc.
The Allied Radio assembly manual, copyright 1953, calls it a: Knight 2
Tube "Ocean Hopper"
The tubes are 117P7 and 12J5.
Your missing regen control is a 50k w/ac pwr switch.
Hope that helps,
bob...w2ami x wn2ami 1962

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Subject: [BoatAnchors] Info on Allied Radio Regenerative Receiver
I found this very old Allied Radio regen receiver in my storage unit
today. This radio is way before the Ocean Hopper and the other early
60's regens from Allied Radio.

It has a 12J5 and the 2nd tube is unknown but it's not a dual triode
from looking at the structure. It is also missing the regen control.

Has anyone seen one of these and possibly has a schematic and any other info?

I have attached three pictures.

Tnx and 73,

Dave N7RK

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