[Boatanchors] Motorola manuals

Michael Tortorella w2iy at verizon.net
Fri May 31 23:09:20 EDT 2013

For Motorola fans on the list, I found a couple of manuals while cleaning
out.  One is "MT500 Series Theory/Maintenance Manual" 68P81012C55-B from
1979, the other is a "HT-220 Series Handie-Talkie FM Radio" Instruction
Manual 68P81001C70-O from 1972.  These are in decent but not perfect shape.
$5 each for postage gets them to your door.  I had a HT-220 Slimline once
but that was a long time ago.  Thanks for the BW and 73 to all, Mike W2IY

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