[Boatanchors] FS: Supreme AF-100 + hallicrafters HT-9

GRG w5grg at w5grg.net
Sat Nov 9 18:45:56 EST 2013

I have a rare Supreme AF-100 transmitter for sale.
Also have a HT-9 gray face and a box of extra parts from a HT-9
I have not powered either transmitter up but they appear complete
and should be ok, neither unit looks hacked at all.
Want to sell all as a lot, almost 300lbs of stuff.
The Supreme is pretty rare and have sold for a good price in the past.
I would prefer not to ship , at least  not for just trading dollars 
since I will need help
to pack and take to the truck line.
Make offer, don't want to break up this lot but if you offer enough who 
I have pictures , however, everything is in decent shape, just needs 
George W5GRG, AFA6GG

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