[Boatanchors] FS: Shack Cleaning incl. Dentron, etc.

qrv at kd4e.com qrv at kd4e.com
Sat Nov 9 20:50:48 EST 2013

Need quick cash toward backup HF rig purchase.

Offers welcome.

1.  DENTRON AT-1K Antenna Tuner. 1.2KW PEP, 1KW CW, SWR/PWR Meter.
	Antenna Switching: Coaxial cable (50 / 75 ohm) Random wire
	Balanced output (ext balun) Bypass (tuner out of circuit)
	Alt (coax to 2nd ant or dummy load) Compact: 3.75" H X
	10" W X 9.5" D 7 lbs  Clean, works, meter needs to be
	reconnected so am only Asking $135.

2.  Realistic 19-310 Speaker-Mic for RS HTX-202, Yaesu FT-470,
	530, Icom IC-2AT, IC-02AT, IC-W32A, etc. (current model
	#21-1834) $15.

3.  Yaesu/Vertex CT-29A/CT-28A Cable w/active interface. $15.

4.  Digi mode pc-to-rig control cable DB-9 to 8-pin mic connector
	& three 3.5mm/1/8" stereo connectors. $15.

5.  MSI U123 NETBOOK 1.66GHz CPU, 2G RAM, 130G HDD w/AC PS & WinXP
	Recovery DVD Info: http://www.msi.com/product/nb/U123.html
	Asking $115.


	"5" touch-screen Vizplex V110 display with E-Ink technology
	for a clear view. The 2GB memory accommodates up to 1,000
	e-books to help you stay entertained on the go."
	As-new.  Asking $75.

7.  VEHO 360 M3 Bluetooth Speaker (nos) $17.

8.  Sabrent PC to TV Converter Bow w/instr. $5.

9.  Verizon USB727 USB Data Modem $10.

10. Calrad 45-788 Matching Line Transformer 50w 70v $7.

11. PogoPlug Personal Cloud Hardware - add your USB HDD.  Stream
	videos, music and photos directly to your iPhone, Blackberry,
	Droid and other mobile devices Works with Safari, Firefox 3,
	IE 7, IE 8 and Chrome Web Browers. MS Windows XP, Vista,
	Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.4 and above Asking $27.

12. Multi-useTest (no case). Auto detect NPN/PNP; N/P-channel MOSFET; 	
	diode (incl. duplex); thyristor; triode; Caps to 3300uF, Res.
	to 1M, Auto detect & test component pin, Det & amp factor of
	transistors & MOSFET protect diode display & base to launch
	pos. transistor voltage. MOSFET gate threshold voltage & cap,
	Valid component test: 2 secs, Easy one button op. (Can E-mail
	more detail.) $15.

Asking prices include shipping to standard USA addresses.
(Some locations may be extra)


Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com

David Colburn - Nevils, Georgia USA

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