[Boatanchors] [Vintage-Military-RADAR] A Cautionary Tale

COURYHOUSE at aol.com COURYHOUSE at aol.com
Sat Nov 16 15:29:42 EST 2013

I  just  used  cool  backup program  backed it all  to  wondows mail format 
then had    
In a message dated 11/16/2013 1:15:05 P.M. Mountain Standard Time,  
hpnpilot at gmail.com writes:

I use IMAP with Thunderbird. I have everything I want to save stored  
locally. I can pick up on my mobile device as well. There's nothing wrong with  
the technology; it's up to the users to make appropriate use of it and  
understand strengths and weaknesses. 


On Nov 16, 2013, at 3:05 PM, "J. Forster" <_jfor at quikus.com_ 
(mailto:jfor at quikus.com) > wrote:

This is a cautionary tale for anyone who uses webmail services  (IMAP).
Examples are Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoomail, and many  others.

With such services everything is stored 'in the cloud'... ie:  on remote
disks rather than on your own local HD.

I had a very  nasty experience yesterday and had to contemplate how to
recover. My  email went completely dark.

Since my Address Book was also on the  remote server, I lost ALL my email
addresses. Rebuilding it would be a  nightmare.

Soo, if you don't back up everything from the web to your  local disk, at
least copy your Address Book so that does not go  Poof!!!




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