[Boatanchors] ARC-5, BC-453 Junker for Parts

Phil Carpenter carpenterpa at tds.net
Sun Oct 6 12:50:29 EDT 2013

I'm in need of two sets of IF cans and other parts from a couple of BC-453s for a homebrew tube receiver I'm building. Does anyone have a couple of Junkers or IF can parts they don't need you can spare?

I do NOT need any of the tubes as I'm changing all tubes to miniature equivalents. This is an experimental project to build a converter front end to the BC-453 and use all miniature tubes, including rectifiers. It also includes a built in Panadaptor using BC-453 IF cans and all miniature tubes. This will be a HF Panoramic Receiver.

I already have most of the other parts required but need Two sets of IF cans from the BC-453s and some of the other under chassis parts.

If anyone has Junkers they can spare for parts, I'd be in your debt!


Phillip, W4RTX

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