[Boatanchors] Spoken For: FW: Any Interest? Two Decade Resistor Boxes: General Radio 1432-P, T

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 16 13:51:55 EDT 2013

Hello All,
The two decade boxes will soon be sent to a new home.  Thanks to all for your interest.
Best Regards,

From: w_b_morton at hotmail.com
To: boatanchors at puck.nether.net
Subject: Any Interest?  Two Decade Resistor Boxes:  General Radio 1432-P, T
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2013 23:47:03 +0000

Hello All,
Other than some paint nicks, they are in pretty good shape.  No dents, knobs are intact, connection terminals are all there and work fine.  The plastic around the red terminal of the 1432-P is cracked and, upon closer inspection, it looks like the red terminal got knocked out of vertical.   
The 1432-P has 5 ranges:  10, 100, 1k, 10k, 100k ohms.  Note:  The resistance readings for the 10 ohm scale read ~1 ohm high and this is carried through the remaining ranges as best I can tell.The 1432-T has 5 ranges:  0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100 ohms.  These read fine for the 1, 10, and 100 ohm scales.  My meter does not read resistances below 1 ohm.
The 1432-P has a black front panel with a black body while the 1432-T has a gray body to go with the black front panel.  
Come to think of it, these could make some pretty neat project boxes if their usefulness as decade resistors is minimal - plus you get some cool knobs to boot (black for the P unit, gray for the T).  The boxes are heavy aluminum with some attractive grooves around the sides.
Any interest out there?  They fit snugly in a 16 1/2 x 11 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch box.  Guesstimated weight is 15 pounds for both.  Ship from Zip Code 55076.  Using the USPS calculator, shipping to San Francisco would be just over $28.
Would $40, including shipping, be reasonable?  
Best Regards,

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