[Boatanchors] Waste Not Want Not: Miscellaneous Parts

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 22 01:25:21 EDT 2013

Hello All,
I purchased some sockets from a gentleman in southern Minnesota and he was kind enough to include some extra odds and ends in case I needed them.  I kept a couple items, but I will pass along the extras to someone who may need them.  
There are several different items and I would prefer to send them to just one person to prevent a flurry of emails.  Please review the list and let me know if you can put these items to good use.  
1.  Black Bakelite 4-pin tube socket, surface mount.  Screw terminals are marked F, P, F, G and the number 450 is next to the G terminal.  Base is 2 15/16" in diameter, collar is 1 7/8" in diameter, overall height is 1 15/16".  3 of 4 terminals still have the knurled nut.
2.  Qty 2 new old stock National Company, Inc., SPP-9 Safety Plate Grip (ceramic plate cap connector).  These are still in their original little plastic bags and have the red paper part number slip.
3.  A new old stock National Company, Inc., 6 prong circular socket (ceramic).  About the same physical size as an octal socket.  Still in its original cellophane wrapping.
4.  Qty 3 4-pin ceramic tube sockets.  One is round and mounted with a wavy spring to a small rectangular metal plate.  One is oval with two mounting screws holding a thin insulating spacer on the top surface.  The last one is a stretched octagonal shape with two mounting holes on the long axis ends, 'Hammarlund' stamped on the bottom surface.
5.  Qty 4 7-pin ceramic tube sockets with shield collars (no shields, though).  3 of the 4 look unused.
6.  Qty 2 used ceramic octal sockets.  These would need the wavy spring for mounting.
7.  Qty 1 unused 7-pin ceramic socket for, say, an 829B tube.  While the connections have never been soldered, the top ceramic surface could use a good cleaning.
These will be yours for the cost of a new small box ($1) and postage.  If there is extra room I may stuff in some extra doo-dads.  Upon receipt, if you feel the items are worth more than the cost of packing/shipping you can donate the difference to a legitimate charity.
Best Regards,


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